17 March, 2014

I'm Off To See Some Boobies...

Get your minds out of the gutter...I'm actually headed to the Galapagos Islands.

Blue Footed Booby

Red Footed Booby

I'm hoping to post some photos from Ecuador provided we have wifi.  Hasta luego...

10 March, 2014

Introducing....Surfing Flamingo!

You may remember awhile ago, I introduced a logo, which has a work in progress.  Well, this is the final version…

Well, the plan for its use is still forming, but we know the logo will be incorporated into whatever we decide to do when we retire early, which by the way is still 3-4 years away.  *sigh*

We have some great ideas, but those ideas are dependent on a number of things that we can’t finalize until we are finally on location.  Surfing Flamingo - for now, is the name of our new Etsy shop.  There you will find some of J’s photos for digital download, his custom greeting cards (not your regular Hallmark line) and some of my beach-inspired jewelry. 

I’m still running my shop, Flamingo Tongue Designs (hmmm I see a pattern forming in the names) – could that be a hint of where our hearts belong? 

In any event, please feel free to stop by Surfing Flamingo or Flamingo Tongue Designs and see what we’ve been up to. 

07 March, 2014

50 Millionaire…

Tonight’s Lotto Max jackpot is estimated to be approximately fifty million dollars, plus 30 additional prizes of one million dollars.
I don’t buy lottery tickets on a regular basis but I couldn’t resist purchasing a ticket for this one.  I know, I know, my odds are greatly reduced because the jackpot is so high and so many more people are buying tickets but I couldn’t resist.  I could do so much good with fifty million dollars – not just for me, but for others as well. 
Let’s start with myself, friends and family:
  • I would obviously be retiring early – is Monday soon enough for you? 
  • I would purchase my oceanfront house in Bonaire and a sweet boat – rigged for both diving and fishing. 
  • I would purchase J’s parents a nice condo, new vehicle and give them enough money to live comfortably.
  •  I would give J’s sister and brother enough money to pay off their mortgages.
  •  I would build my dad a cabin in the woods, buy him a new truck and give him enough money to live comfortably.
  •  I would set up a trust fund for The Boy, purchase him a new truck and pay off his student debt.
  •  For friends, I would take them on an all inclusive dive trip (spending money included) – somewhere warm and exotic that we wouldn’t otherwise have gone – maybe Bora Bora or Fiji.  For those that don't dive or didn't want to participate, I'd give them the cash equivalent.
For others:
  •  I would set up a scholarship fund for kids that otherwise couldn’t afford to go to college, which would pay for tuition, housing, books, everything.  Maybe kids from single parent households or whose parents never had the opportunity for a secondary education would benefit the most.  I’d want to include a mentoring component to make sure these kids succeeded.
  •  I would like to set up a program where annually I could offer a deserving families an all expense paid trip to a destination of their choice.  I know how fortunate I am to be able to travel and how valuable those experiences have been for me.  I would like to share that.
  •  Since I will be living on Bonaire, I will give generously to charities there – in particular, the Donkey Sanctuary and Bonaire Animal Shelter.  I would also like to help develop programs for kids on the island for both educational and sporting opportunities. 
There.  Now that it’s down on paper, I’m committed to sharing the wealth and I’m ready to win.
Happy Friday Everyone!

05 March, 2014

Spring Forward...

By March, signs of Spring have usually begun to make their appearance – warming temperatures, melting snow, longer days and more sunshine.  Such is not the case this year – winter is not letting go.  Unless you can count the Canada geese that are honking outside my office window and the smell of skunk in the air – those are the only signs that Spring may be in our future.
We have now officially had almost 5 months of below freezing temperatures. No joke!  I plan on burning all of my winter sweaters when Spring finally arrives.  Yes, I know I’ll need them next year, but I’ll worry about that then.  They are gone!  No joke there either.  I hate them sooo much.
I’ve packed on enough pounds this winter to easily get me through the next 3 winters.  I don’t even care. The last thing I’m thinking about is exercising or salads.  Comfort foods are the only things on my mind.  I’ll worry about weight loss in the Spring.  I’m only concerned about self-preservation at the moment.
On the plus side (not talking of my hips now), because it is too cold to leave our house on weekends, we are getting lots of stuff done around the house.  J has been busy patching drywall and repainting rooms.  The infamous spare room is still not complete – it still needs carpet, closet doors and baseboard.  That too will have to wait until Spring.  Right now my suitcases are in there - packed and patiently waiting for our escape to “south of zero” in 2 weeks. 
Spring is certainly not coming soon enough.  Neither are my holidays.  It’s sad how I wish my life away – at least the winter portion of it.  I suppose the saying is true “good things come to those who wait”.

02 March, 2014

Welcome to Toronto - You've Got to be Joking...

As the world has discovered, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a joke and an embarrassment to every citizen of Toronto that he is meant to represent.  Heck, he’s an embarrassment to me and I don’t even live there.  Now I understand, he's set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel and attend the Oscars - I guess all crack smoking, drunken baffoons can make it in Hollywood.
As a Canadian, I am ashamed of his ongoing bad behavior.  If Rob Ford was mayor of anywhere else in the world, the man would have been run out of town by now.  As a side note, I'm also ashamed of Justin Bieber, but that rant is for another day.
Toronto was once thought to be a world-class city by some.  However with Rob Ford at the helm, he makes all Canadians look ridiculous.  In my opinion, he needs to step aside and crawl back beneath the rock from whence he came.
Municipal elections will be coming up in October of this year and Rob Ford plans to run for the mayoral seat once again.  If Torontonians are stupid enough to re-elect him, they deserve what they – a dumbass, amnesiac at the helm of the Titanic.