Nothing Since October? How Has That Happened?

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything since October.  Wow!  I don't know where the time went.  There are the usual excuses - work, family and the many, many craft/jewelry shows that I participated in.  There are times when the time passes so slowly and then there are other moments when the time just screams on by.  Apparently, October through December contained a lot of those latter moments.

Well, rest-assured I'm still here and all have been good.  I've been lurking, I just haven't had the time or energy to put anything to "paper".

J and I were fortunate to spend two glorious weeks on Bonaire at the beginning of December, with plenty of diving, sunshine and relaxation.  You may recall to Bonaire is one of the "finalists" in the places we wish to retire to in a few years, so it was good to spend time looking at the island from that perspective.  We toured many neighborhoods - discovered those that held potential and ruled out a few more of as well.  We looked a potential building lots, got a feel for home styles and made a wish list in the event we decide to explore the building aspect of things.

I think Bonaire is somewhere I could reside long term, I just wish it was a little more affordable.  That's not to say, we couldn't afford it, it just means we may not have the "cushion" I would ideally like to have.  I guess with great reward, comes a certain measure of risk.  What do you think?


Simply Suthern said…
Does look like a nice place.
Pizza looks good too.
Does Pokey know Gumby found a new ride?
Rachel said…
I was afraid gravity had let go of you! So glad you were just on vacation!
CrazyCris said…
No blogging since October? Been there, done that... We need longer days to spend more time with our blogs! Or spend less time doing interesting things... now that's a terrible idea!

I hope the moving/retirement plans are going well!

Happy New Year!!!
Beatriz said…
Those are really amazing photos! Love your adventure posts :)

Good to have you back!

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