23 May, 2013

Creepy Bears…

I’m not a fan of costumed characters - never have been.   Mascots of any type could easily warrant a kick from me if they stray to close and want a hug.   Photos are not an option.  As much as I like Walt Disney World, the costumed characters roam a little too freely for my liking (sorry Krystyn) and I want no part of them.  I don’t like clowns either.  Yes, apparently I have issues.

So imagine my dismay, when Kraft changed the bears on their label.  This is the one I know and love.  Non-threatening right?
I eat a lot of peanut butter with toast, but now I’m not sure I can stick with Kraft peanut butter any longer.  These bears freak me out…

I’m not sure if they truly intended to go for the “stalker vibe”, but honestly that’s what I’m feeling.  Guess it’s time to find another less threatening breakfast treat.

16 May, 2013

Not All at Work is Unpleasant…

Over the course of the past month, I’ve taken the following series of photos of the wildlife here surrounding my work building. We actually are located in the middle of the city, but on a large landscaped property with beautiful courtyards and a manmade pond out front - a perfect haven for some wildlife.

Can you spot the kildeer?  She made her nest amongst the tiny pebbles/gravel.  I would walk by her every morning and would have a hard time finding her.

The large planters typically make great nests for the Canada Geese; however this year our custodian decided to kybosh the idea and strategically placed sticks in the majority of the planters. If you look closely you can see a planter in the background with the sticks.

This goose however was one step ahead.

Then, last week...I came to work to see this little surprise.  She had 6 babies (goslings).

Then by the next day...they were moving out of the planter, into the world beyond.

Dad decided to show up - better late than never I guess...

09 May, 2013


By the end of this week, we will be pretty darn close to checking two major items off of our “house to-do” list. 
The major work on the spare room is almost complete.  We still have to paint, install closet doors, light fixtures and new carpet, but in my opinion those are minor items compared to gutting, wiring, dry-walling, mudding and sanding.
The other major item almost accomplished this week has been the removal of 4 very old pine trees from our side yard.  The trees have been there a long time and were quite large; however because of their age, they had started to die from the bottom up and had become a very large eyesore. 
Knowing I would be losing my privacy once those trees were removed has caused me a great deal of anxiety this week because our back yard is now visible from the road that runs alongside our house. *sigh* 
Here are some before and after pictures.  There’s still a lot of clean-up work to do once the tree guys come back to finish.  Once all is said and done, it will look much better and J won’t have to worry about cleaning out the gutters filled with pine needles on a weekly basis.

Hmmm, what project should we tackle next?  There certainly isn’t a shortage of things to work on, but I think a privacy fence may be in order….

08 May, 2013

Life Out of The Box...

While creeping the internet and investigating potential places to call home once our early retirement kicks in, I have stumbled upon some blogs, featuring amazing people, doing amazing things in places I hope to one day visit, or perhaps settle down in the future. Somewhere I can also make a difference.

One particular blog, I would like to share with you owned by a young, fearless couple currently making a difference in the lives of many children in Nicaragua. Jonathon and Quinn operate LOOTB (Life Out of the Box). What is LOOTB?

Well, according to their site:

“Life Out of the Box is about pursuing your dreams and doing what you love by stepping out of the typical box and making it happen no matter what. It’s one thing to be able to think differently, but it’s another to actually act on those thoughts. We want to inspire people to be a doer, not just a dreamer.

It’s also about giving back to the world while making your dreams come true. Life Out of the Box wants to not only inspire people in the first world to always go after their dreams, but it wants to give kids in the third world the tools to be able to do the same as well.”

In order to help those kids follow their dreams, LOOTB sells bracelets made in Nicaragua and the proceeds from the bracelets are used to purchase school supplies, which are given to children in Nicaragua.

So, it works like this:

1. First, you go to the LOOTB store and make a purchase;

2. Shipping is quick and efficient and in a week or so, you have your bracelet, which has a number on it;

3. The proceeds from your purchase are then used to purchase school supplies;

4. Once your school supplies are gifted to the child, you will receive a link to your child, showing the impact that your simple purchase made.

I can tell you from experience, it’s an awesome feeling not only to help a child, but to receive a fantastic bracelet which is a constant reminder of why I continue to show up a work every day. My current situation will soon lead me to my dreams and I’ll soon be LOOTB.

I purchased a bracelet similar to this one. You can find the link to their store here.

Photo Courtesy of LOOTB
Today, I received a link to my child, Joseph. Check it out - it's pretty cool!

Now, I dare you to follow your dreams and live Life Out of the Box.