13 September, 2013

Happy Friday The 13th...

I'm not one to get caught up in the unlucky hype of Friday the 13th. I figure karma has just as good of a chance of biting me in the ass on a Monday as it does on the 13th of the month, that just happens to fall on a Friday. Yeah, I'm cynical that way.

A place where I used to work, used Wednesdays as the days when they used to terminate people. Their rationale was that they "didn't want to ruin people's weekends by terminating them on a Friday". Ummm, geeze - thanks for your kindness...

Anyhow, whaetevr your beliefs may be - I hope you have a fantastic day! Happy Friday!!!


you know i went all day and did not realize it was friday the 13th...but it all makes sense now...ha..

Weren't any worse than any other day.

Take that either way.

Here's a cultural difference for you: in Spain "the" day to beware is TUESDAY the 13th!

"Martes y trece, ni te cases ni te embarques"
(Tuesday and thriteen, neither get married nor set sail)