Bonaire - 2012...Photo Montage

Artistic Photo by J

Gumby Enjoying the Sunset - Day 1

Love the Boat Name:  "Free at Last"

Lac Bay, Bonaire - Heaven on Earth

Gumby Enjoying the Salt Pier - Best Dive Site on Island

1,000 Steps Dive Site - Only 60+ Steps to the Bottom, 
Feels Like 1,000 with Dive Gear On

Gumby Enjoying A Couple of Cold Ones After a Hard Day of Diving - 
Polar, A Nice Import From Venezuela


Brian Miller said…
looks like gumby had a great time...ha...look at that
R. Jacob said…
creativity plus beer
Gumby gets around :)

Love the pics!
CrazyCris said…
Pol is jealous of Gumby for getting to spend such a lovely time in the warm sun and gorgeous blue waters and doing so much scuba diving!

Welcome home!

Now howsabout some underwater shots? ;o)

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