04 September, 2012

September? How'd that Happen?

I can’t believe its September. Where did May, June, July and August go? In some aspects, time passes so quickly these days, but in others, it just simply drags on forever – like weekdays vs. weekends.

Today was the first day back to school for the little ones, so my commute was littered with school buses, anxious looking children and ecstatic looking parents. By the end of next week – everyone will look miserable again.

This past weekend was my friend’s 50th birthday party/zip-lining extravaganza. We had a BLAST zip-lining and I would highly recommend it if you haven’t done it before. Fun, fun, fun! If you’re not an adrenaline junky before you start – you will be by the time you’re done. The after party/picnic was also a huge success. The weather was spectacular, food was great, but then again food always tastes better when you have great company and Saturday was no exception.

Yesterday was a holiday (thank goodness), so time was spent cleaning up the house since it had been neglected for a few days prior to the party. I also spent some time organizing all of my jewelry pieces, supplies, photographing finished pieces, writing descriptions, etc. I like the creative side of the business, but dislike all the fine details and business aspect of it. Maybe it wouldn’t seem so much like a task if I actually had the time to dedicate to the tedious details. Soon…soon....

Today, I’m in recovery mode. It’s a good thing I’m at work today - now I can catch up on some rest. Ahhh…


oh zip lining is so fun...i wanna do the one in WVA across the mountaintops....on the bucket list....this year is flying by...but we been back 2 weeks already to school...

I have been wanting to zipline for a while now- there are TONS of places to do it just an hour from here...hopefully one of these days!!

And I totally agree...why the heck do weekends, even long ones, pass by so darn quickly?!?!

no kidding - how is it September? Granted, I am excited because this is the month we move back home as well as my 8th wedding anniversary! Then we move into the last three months of the year which has lots of birthdays in my family and then Christmas! Not wishing it was cold, but I do love fall and the cooler air.

I want to zip line so bad too! We were so close this summer on our vacation but decided not to. Someday!

That ziplining sounds lika it's a BLAST1!!

The summer sure has flown by... September 1st came and went and all of the sudden the weather changed here in Alicante... it's nice and warm but no longer unbearably HOT! But at least we still have some beach weather... And it means scuba diving is more comfortable now (extreme heat and wetsuits are a bad combo) ;o)

111 Shopping days till Christmas.