26 July, 2011

Aliens May Have Something To Do With It....Or Not...

I wish I could tell you that my absence from the blogosphere was a result of being abducted by aliens or that I won the lottery and have been busy traveling the world or because I became a swim suit model and my photo shoots have kept me too busy. 
Nope, none of the above has occurred.  I know…I’m disappointed too (especially the swim suit model gig).  Although I’m sure I’ve been recently visited by aliens and they have managed to manipulate my brain and made me a lazy-ass couch potato (more so than usual that is).
I have no excuses – I’ve just ran out of creative steam.   Normally the summer months rejuvenate me, but sadly that’s not been the case this year.   
Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying summer, the sunshine, the heat, the humidity.   I just have nothing to show for it, except maybe a nice tan and some sun-streaked hair.   I don’t even have memories to go along with the tan, because I’ve done nothing memorable.  No summer travels, no scuba diving, no movies, no memorable parties.   Nothing…
The most exciting thing I’ve done so far this summer…I bought a bread maker.    I know; it’s hard to contain yourself…that’s how I feel about it too – mass hysteria…
Don’t give up hope on me just yet….I’m sure I’ll do something spontaneous before the end of summer and when I do – you’ll be the first to know about it.   I do need a new toaster…eeek (insert squeal of joy)! 


bread makers are cool...smiles. good to see you...how could you not have a tan this summer...

ET would have abducted you but he is having a lazy summer as well.

Bread makers are cool. I bought a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas and make my own bread and all my baking goodies! The smell of fresh baked bread mmm so good.
Everyone goes through mental slumps, no exceptions. Sometimes the words stop. They will come back. You wrote today so you are fine. Even if it is something about nothing. I do that almost everyday! lol



Awww, I've missed you! Thanks for your comment on my post. I am hoping I'm finally on the road to a better me.

I'm jealous of the bread maker! I posted a while back that I wanted to get one and though our toaster isn't on the fritz yet, we have a 2slice and I want a 4 slice one!

Hope you get to do something you enjoy this summer! I don't even have a tan to show for it yet, but there's still time. We havne't done anything major yet either but we have done some smaller fun things.

Hopefully you find some inspiration soon so we can all enjoy your funny words!

I know what you mean, if it weren't for roommates I don't think I would have much to say or type either ;D