25 June, 2013

Looking for a Home...

Nope, I'm not homeless yet, but this little girl is.

She stumbled into our front yard last evening.  We had just been on the front porch saying goodbye to J's parents when we hear a "mew, mew". We turn to see the source of the noise and there she was...looking for love, attention, food and water.

My conscience would not let me leave her outside.  We live on a busy highway and have lost a few "strays" that we have tried to keep as outdoor cats.  So needless to say, she is living in my laundry room at the moment. 

Although we have one other cat, I don't want another one.  The one we have is The Boy's and although he started out with good intentions, J and I have ended up being the cat's primary caregiver.  Nope not interested. 

I'll endeavour to find a home for it, but I'm not very hopeful - cats and kittens are everywhere and shelters are overrun this time of year. 

In the meantime, I've purchased kitten food and some deworming medicine.  Guess he's getting a bath tonight too - especially if he's going to be staying awhile.

21 June, 2013

Random Thoughts - Update Edition...

Well, it’s been almost 3 weeks since the beginning of my poison ivy, oak or sumac outbreak and the itching is finally starting to subside. I only have a few remaining itchy spots – mostly on my neck and hairline. That was without a doubt, the worst experience of my life.  It certainly was not painful, but extremely exhausting both mentally and physically. I honestly thought I was going to lose my mind (more so than usual).
Approximately 1 month ago J and his employers came to a mutual decision to “part ways”. I guess that’s a nice way of saying he is now unemployed. Believe me – we are both extremely happy with this decision. I’m happy because I have a built-in maid, cook and contractor. J’s happy because he is no longer working for morons (unless I count of course). The house to-do list is dwindling and we have come to the realization that if it weren’t for him being able to work away on all the projects now, we would never be ready to sell the house and vacate the country within our original timeframe.  Maybe now, we can go sooner?

Our de-cluttering has not yet started, but I do keep thinking about it - a lot. That should count for something.

A few weeks ago, I participated in a one day art show and sale. It was held in a couple of old renovated barns on a great country property. The location was fabulous and the vibe was great. I’m happy to say, it was the best show I’ve ever done with my jewelry sales at an all time one-day high. It’s re-affirming when people buy my stuff. It provides that boost needed to continue on.

Work has been very busy and challenging as of late and it has been increasingly difficult to “keep my head in the game”. I’m doing everything I can to remain professional and focused because I know 4 years is still a long way off and I still need this job until then, but I can tell you that it makes for a hard time putting up with extended bouts of B-S.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

P.S. The photo is one of J's from Bocas Del Toro, Panama.
Happy Summer Solstice Everyone! 

18 June, 2013

Whirlwind Tour of Washington DC...

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a one-day seminar in Washington, DC.  Unfortunately I had only planned for a half day of touring, but by the time I arrived, after flight cancellations and other delays, my half day turned into a couple of hours - in the rain. 

Oh well, I made the best of it and powered on.  My hotel was within a 5 minute walk to the White House, so that was my first stop.

J came along for the trip and spent the following day touring around while I was attending the seminar.  Maybe he'll share some of his photos with me so I can share with you.

The highlight of my trip (besides all of the sailors at the Naval Memorial) - I saw the Presidential Motorcade -sirens, secret service men, dark glasses, black SUVs and all.  Very exciting!

One day certainly is not enough time to see everything DC has to offer.  J and I can hardly wait to go back.

Back Lawn of the White House

Secret Service Squirrel

Sorry, didn't get the name of this one...

Front of the White House

House Where Lincoln Died...

Gumby @ Smithsonian Sculpture Garden

06 June, 2013

Itchin to Stop Scratchin…

So, you may recall that a couple of weeks ago, we were busy with cleaning up the trees that we had cut down in our side yard. Well, I’m happy to report that is was finally completed on the May 25th weekend.

Last Thursday, May 30th and out of nowhere, a small red rash appeared on the inside of my right elbow. I thought I had been bitten by a spider because it wasn’t like any mosquito or black fly bites I’ve received before. Within a couple of hours, I had another spot on my knee and then on my inside of my ankles, then on my thigh. Overnight, the amount of spots had doubled. By this point, I’m thinking a rogue mosquito had a feast on my ample body during the night. The itching had also started by this point in time.

Over the past week, the spots have shown up on my arms, legs, hips, shins, but have stayed away from my torso, back, stomach and chest. Did I mention the itch? 

Finally today I was able to get into see the Doctor. I had already scheduled an appointment for something else and felt stupid booking an appointment earlier for what I believed were mosquito bites. Well, I’ve been diagnosed with poison ivy, oak or sumac dermatitis. Once again, did I mention the itch?

Apparently, I came in contact with it sometime with the last 12 days – likely around the time of the tree clean up and it was simply incubating until last week when the first signs appeared. I know what the stuff looks like and I know well enough to keep away from it, but apparently – it found me.  Still itchin...

The good news? Well, there isn’t any – it can last up to 21 days and new bumps can appear anywhere during that time – even where it didn’t come in contact with the skin. I'm on day 8 since the itchin began and I'm goin out of my mind.  The initial spots are less itchy than they were, but new bumps are appearing daily. Today’s bout have appeared on my hips and upper buttocks.

It has taken every ounce of my will-power not to scratch my butt against all the door frames in the office – seriously, it's that bad and the more I think about it, the itchier they become. I seriously feel like a redneck – itchin and a scratchin places I shouldn’t in public. Well, golly I just can’t help it…