17 June, 2015

Self-Imposed Time-Out…

I don’t know about any of you with children, but when my son was little and was having a melt-down, being disrespectful or just plain out of control, we would put him in a “time-out”.  The time-out was typically done away from others, in a quiet spot, with no outside stimulation.  For us, the bottom step on our staircase worked wonders since there was nothing around, and nothing to look at except a wall.  The time-out period usually only lasted 5-10 minutes, but in extreme cases it could last longer.

Today, I wish someone would put me in a time-out.  I’d happily find a secluded staircase somewhere in the building where I could refocus my energy and have a moment to myself, to readjust my attitude.

I woke up from a good sleep and was ready for the day.  AND THEN…I got to work.  Duhn, duhn, duhn, dunnnnnn!


I wish I could say the rest of the day will get better, but alas – it won’t.  I have a “team” lunch meeting and THAT only makes things worse, EXCEPT there will be cookies. *sigh* 

01 June, 2015

Random Thoughts - Catch Up Edition...

June is upon us, but the weather is still cooler than normal.  Maybe global warming does have something to do with it, or maybe it’s just because I live in Canada and Mother Nature hates me.

I’m still faithfully plugging away at my jewelry making, shows and online sales, but I have to say I’m getting slightly tired of it.  Lately, I’ve experienced a few shows that have left me wondering why I bother.   I’m not planning on giving it up any time soon, but I think I need to re-evaluate what makes me happy to make and not just make what people will buy.  Because in all honesty, people are picky and you can’t please them all.  I’d rather please myself.

Let’s talk about food.  Do you ever get in a food rut and get tired of making and eating the same thing every week?  I’m in a food rut right now.  I like to try new recipes, but my family can be “selective”.  I can typically please either The Boy or J, but not usually both together, so instead of trying to please everyone, I tend to stick with the tried and true and it turns out to be me that suffers in silence.  Dramatic, I know…

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but if you’re a friend on Facebook, you’ve heard all about it.  I’m participating in Mudderella in July.  As you can imagine by the name, it’s a 6 mile run/obstacle course, all done in the mud.  Yep, call me crazy.  I should have started training for the physical portion months ago, but nope I’ve decided that mental preparation will work best for me.  What does that mean?  It means I’ve been thinking about all the training I should have been doing.  Oh well, nothing like a challenge and I perform better under pressure anyhow. 

Work has been interesting as of late.   Back in late December, we hired another lawyer to join our legal team.  Her sole purpose was to take on contracts, so I could be freed up to work on a bunch of other long term “projects”.  Well, as it turns out, she’s not interested in contracts, but instead she’d rather design letterhead, business cards, start a legal newsletter and complain about how much paper we waste and how she can’t find anything in our filing system.   Her time is limited as she has "designed" and painted a target on her back.  It's too bad, because with her gone, contracts will likely flow my way again.  Yes, it's purely selfish on my part to want to keep her, but I can't tolerate the drama either.  Life's too short for that...

What's everyone else been up to?