28 January, 2014

Random Thoughts…The Still Freezing My A$$ Off (Rant) Edition

We are still experiencing cold, cold and more, cold.  I know – I live in Canada, what else can I expect?  Well, I expect temperatures that will not cause me frostbite to my extremities that are not covered up and that exposed longer than 5 minutes to the elements (aka my eyeballs).
We’ve been under some Polar Vortex (WTF) for the last month.  Enough already.  I not only have to deal with the cold, but there is also the blowing snow and wind chill warnings on a daily basis.  It would be nice to have a day of normal driving conditions where my commute only takes an hour instead of the hour and a half of late. 
To make matters even sweller (yes, I know it’s not a word), our heat here at work only works occasionally – usually NOT on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.   I’m sure its toasty warm in here on the weekend, but I don’t plan on testing that theory out.
I took a sick day yesterday and I was actually sick.  Shocking I know.  I’m not sure what kind of bug I had, but it kept me in bed and asleep the entire day.   That’s okay, I’m in training for my hibernation that I intend to go into next winter.
Here are some photos of from around our house after this weekend’s latest blizzard.   Yes, the use of blizzard is warranted.  I haven’t seen this much snow in our yard in the last 13 years.

This snowbank was about 4 feet high.

 My new hat to keep me toasty and happy - courtesy of my SIL in Ireland.
What else to do on a blizzardy day - I finally got around to baking those cookies I missed getting to at Christmas!  Better late than never...

14 January, 2014

Random Thoughts - No Rants Today...

Why am I expected to stay at work for a full 8 hours when I can accomplish everything I need to in 3 hours?

I can hardly wait to turn the calendar page to February.  January has an ugly picture and I’m so over the woman in the photo wearing 80’s jeans.

Exercise always seems like a great idea at 3:00 in the afternoon when I’m at work.  Not so much come 7:00 p.m. when I finally have some time to exercise.

My jewelry business is doing very well considering it’s January and everyone is typically broke from the Christmas season.

I wish my jewelry business paid as well as my full-time job.

I have so many personal projects on the go, I could really use a few more hours in the day to work on the fun stuff.

I’m mid way through the book Inferno by Dan Brown and I’ve loved all of his books up until this one.  It’s too slow for my liking and in my opinion contains way too much unnecessary fluff.

I’ve noticed that it’s staying lighter a little longer in the evenings.  A couple of weeks ago, my evening commute had been made in total darkness, but now, there’s a little more light for my drive.  Come on Spring!

Happy Tuesday Everyone…


07 January, 2014

At Odds...

J and I are constantly sharing our hopes and dreams for our early retirement.  For the most part we have been on the same page since the beginning – we agree on what we want and on what we need to do to get there; however we aren’t necessarily on the same page as to where “there” is.
As I’ve shared previously, Bonaire was an early contender for the place we wanted to call home, then Ecuador, then Panama, then Nicaragua stopped by for some contemplation time and then somehow, we’ve arrived back in Bonaire.   On paper, they all make sense. 
Bonaire has world-class scuba diving, English is widely spoken, amenities are easily accessible, quality housing is somewhat affordable and there is potential for side businesses to make some additional income.  But as with everything, there is a downside – increasing crime rates, high cost of living (i.e. electricity, water, gas, groceries), expensive to get to and of course the less-than-easy task in obtaining a residency visa.
Ecuador is still considered a third-world country, but the government is stable and the country holds promise.   Residency visas are easily accessible, cost of living is very affordable and affordable beach front real estate is still obtainable.  The downside of course, is that it is not Bonaire.
Panama didn’t capture my heart right away.  It took some getting used to, but now it would probably steal the show if it wasn’t for the extremely high housing costs in the coastal areas we want to live.  It is still considered a third-world country by many, but access to amenities, great health care and residency visas still hold appeal to me.
So, what’s the problem?  Well I sort of feel J has already packed his scuba gear and is sitting in his hammock on the porch of our Bonaire home waiting for me to arrive.  Me, I’m still at the airport trying to decide what flight to catch.
There is no denying that Bonaire holds a very special place in our hearts and if money wasn’t a consideration, I’d be on the plane in an instant.   It has everything we want and more and the pros certainly outweigh the cons, but I’m still struggling with the cons.  Actually, I’m freaking out a little.
I’m blaming some of my indecision on the unknown. I don’t know when exactly we can leave.  I don’t know how much we can afford for a house until we sell our existing house.  I don’t know if the Canadian dollar will be strong enough at the time to afford anything.  I don’t know what I want to do or if I want to do anything at all to make extra money on island.   
I do know I want to be somewhere warm, live simply, yet comfortably and I don’t want to be stressed out on a daily basis.  Is that too much to ask?   Time will tell I guess.

03 January, 2014


Today, it's a balmy minus 20 celsius  (aka minus 4 Fahrenheit).

Mama always said - if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  Well, that's all I have to say about that.

By the way - Happy New Year!