30 October, 2010

Gumby (aka me) Needs Another Holiday....

Photo Courtesy of J - Bonaire, 2009

29 October, 2010

A Gift From Heaven?

I may have mentioned in a post or two before that I love the greasy goodness of Denny's Restaurants.  I firmly believe the Grand Slam is a gift from a greater being.

The downside of my love affair with Denny's is that they are only located in the United States and the only opportunities I get to enjoy them is when I happen to travel across the border.

Imagine my surprise when I was on my way home this evening from London, Ontario (a mere 40 minutes away) and off in the distance, I spot a yellow glow.  As I squinted to focus in on the beacon of brightness, I slowly begin to comprehend what is before my eyes...

I couldn't believe my eyes - there it was - at a truck stop along the highway.  A truck stop that I drive by a few times a month.  I started to squeal (yes squeal) and point.  J couldn't figure out what my problem was until his gaze followed my finger.   

"Holy hell, you're going to be 400 lbs" was his response.  Some would say those would be fighting words, but I was too happy to let his negativity burst my bubble of joy.  Guess where I'm going for Sunday breakfast?

27 October, 2010

The Three of Me...

I sometimes feel that I have a multiple split personalities.  
There is the work me, the mom and wife me and the friend me.
Typically, they manage to co-exist without too much friction, but there are times when I don’t get along well with any of the “me-s”.   

The Work Me
She is dedicated, hardworking and loyal.  She takes pride in doing a job well, likes to be busy and usually works well with others.    She is mature, confident, respectful and tactful.   Her greatest strengths include her high level of organization, multi-tasking skills and her ability to keep her mouth shut.  She is well skilled at cutting through corporate red tape and getting to the heart of what needs to be done.   Her greatest accomplishments include not managing to kill her sales team or verbally assaulting her co-workers. 
She’s done well in her career, but looks forward to doing better, learning more and climbing higher.  

The Mom and Wife Me
She is honest, sincere, warm and caring.  She takes pride in her family and home.  She is fiercely protective of them – even when they manage to push her buttons on a daily basis.   She is well skilled at balancing her time between her son and husband and their respective interests and needs.   She has fantastic mediation skills and uses them often.  She can “hear” what is being said, without really “listening” and does well at feigning sincerity when faced with quality time with her husband and The History Channel.   Her greatest accomplishments include staying sane.  

She loves her family immensely, but looks forward to quality time…alone. 

The Friend Me
She is loyal, honest, fun-loving and caring.   She expects the same from her friends, but is sometimes disappointed by their actions.   Regardless of how disappointed she may be, she accepts and supports them and the decisions they make.   She loves to entertain and her parties are legendary.   

She’s had friendships that have come and gone.  Some, she was sad to see depart from her life and others that she celebrated when they were gone.  Although, she has plenty of friendships, only a few remain close to her heart.  

She also knows that some of her best friends have yet to be introduced to her and when that time comes, she looks forward to getting to know them.

What is the point of this point?  I don’t have one.  I’m just me. 

“Where ever I am, I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else.” 
Angelina Jolie

25 October, 2010

Things I Don't Care About Today...

Don't panic, it's a short list...

Municipal Elections – It’s municipal election day here in Ontario.  It’s time to vote for our town mayors and council members.  Since no one has bothered to run against my current mayor, I don’t really care.  Thank goodness this day will soon be over.  I’m sick of hearing the smear campaign ads and I’m sick of election signs polluting the side of the roadways and intersections.  

Bed Bugs – I’m tired of hearing about the spreading bed bug infestations.  Did you know, they are taking over New York, Toronto and they are coming soon to a town near you?  Enough already - as someone who loves to travel, it’s freaking me out and making me itch!

21 October, 2010

Lacrosse - Skill or Insanity?

A few years ago, I discovered a wonderful spectator sport and have been hooked ever since – lacrosse. Actually it’s become somewhat of a family tradition – albeit not a traditional one, but at least once a year, my husband, son and I head into Toronto to attend a Toronto Rock Lacrosse game.

With The Boy out of the house and time on your hands, J and I  have decided to purchase season tickets for the Toronto Rock Lacrosse games.  Should be fun...  

Lacrosse is a game of skill, bravery and a little bit of insanity – o.k. maybe a lot of insanity. I haven’t taken the time to learn the rules of the game, but I have gathered that the beating of each other with sticks is totally acceptable; however if a player decides to use his fist and punch someone – that action is cause for a penalty (but using your stick to bludgeon someone across the head is o.k.). A penalty is also given if you grab another player’s shirt or stick (but just remember that it’s o.k. to use your stick to smack someone in the shin). Hmmm...? 

Although I don’t condone violence for any particular reason, I find this game fascinating if not exhilarating to watch. I’m not sure how it would be to play - I can’t say I would take kindly to being beaten down with a stick. Having said that, the players don’t seem to be any worse for wear, but I guess that’s what happens when you been hit upside the head with a stick a few too many times.

20 October, 2010

I've Made a Mistake...

I’ve made a mistake.  

I should have given the standard two weeks notice and then gotten myself the hell out of this place.  Instead, I had a moral dilemma and decided to give 7 weeks notice.  I thought by doing this, I would give them lots of time to get a replacement and perhaps even given me some time to train said replacement.  I was trying to be nice.  Mistake.

I’ll admit, I might have been a bit selfish too.  I have holidays coming up and didn’t want to start with the new company and then take a week off.  I was worried it would look bad to my new co-workers and I certainly didn’t want to take it unpaid, which was what I would have needed to do.  Stupid me.

So, here I sit in Week 5 of my notice period – bored beyond belief and aggravated by my stupidity.  They still haven’t started the interview process for my replacement, so instead of utilizing this time to train someone, I’ve been asked to write detailed processes for everything I do.    

I am ready to stick a fork in myself because I am SO done with writing processes that NO ONE will ever read.   I’m tempted to leave them this one….it has served me well and since I'm all about sharing...

What do you think?

19 October, 2010

Caution - Bad Mood Ahead...

Saying I woke up on the wrong side of the bed would be an understatement.  My mood says I woke up under the bed, with the dust bunnies.

I'm cranky bitchy.  

Don't ask me why.  Who the hell knows.  Who the hell cares.  I know it and I'm dealing with it (in my own way). 

My mother used to say if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  So with that little tidbit, I leave you with this (it made me smile - yesterday).   


18 October, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap...

I wish I had something fresh and exciting to report, but sadly I don’t, so instead a weekend re-cap.

The weekend was nice, but is never long enough for my liking.  I find this time of year, the to-do list is always longer than there is time in a day.   

On Saturday, J and I went for a long walk on the beach.  It was perfect time and place to take in the fall colors.  As you can expect from Canada in October, we had the beach to ourselves.   It was enjoyable – the sunshine, the fresh air and the best part - I didn’t get any sand between my toes (thanks to my rubber boots).

The Bible says that Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, but thanks to my dilly-dallying on Saturday, I had to do house and yard work on Sunday.   The bathrooms were scrubbed, the floors were mopped and laundry was done.   

With The Boy off at school, I’ve had to pick up the slack and am sharing the lawn cutting duties with J.   We have a riding lawn mower, but with over two acres of grass, it still takes close to 3 hours to finish.  Needless to say, we both miss The Boy…immensely.   

I also cleaned up my garden, dug up, washed and put away the dahlia bulbs for another season.

With meatloaf, gravy and garlic mashed potatoes for supper - I consider the weekend an overall success.   

How was your weekend?

14 October, 2010

Would You Wear This???

Yeah - me neither, but someone here at work (of the male gender - on the management team) is wearing one similar to the beautiful one on the right...no joking...

Normally, I don't make fun of my co-workers (ha, I couldn't type that without laughing out loud), but when an opportunity presents itself - I'm opportunistic.

Only 22 more days until I'm away from this madness.